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www.papertrees.co.ukis actually an organisation which has been quietly and successfully serving the needs of a community of wonderfully loyal customers for more than 20 years, which is a considerable achievement for any small company.

Formerly known as Friendship Office Supplies Ltd the company became www.papertrees.co.ukin 2004 following the umpteenth observation that “your name makes you sound like the stationery wing of the Salvation Army”.

In fact we realised that the old name did not sit comfortably with the direction in which we wanted the company to develop so, with a few regrets, we have moved on to our new name. We hope that you understand and agree.

The change is intended to allow us to enhance our reputation for service, reliability, and of course…… friendliness.

Much has already been achieved during the last two years:

• the introduction of advanced electronic trading capability

• radically re-designed order-processing procedures.

• combining stationery with books, print management and now the introduction of our newsagency.


But, the achievement in this period of which we are most proud is the realisation that we have become a team, a group of very different people who genuinely share the same sense of wanting to progress, to enjoy our relationships with our customers, and whose only major fallings-out generally centre around chocolate biscuits (the desperate need for and blatantly unfair allocation of).

So, www.papertrees.co.uk is progressing under a refreshed regime with the same uncompromising attention to friendly service that has characterised its first two decades of trading.

We would like you to know that we will be expanding and upgrading our range of services to meet the requirements of the modern and home office. Your small, persistent, niggly problems will be fixed by our hand-picked team of small, persistent, niggly people; and your strategic supply and service requirements will be met by a company equipped and prepared to help.


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